In a stunning and powerful rematch, G2 Esports take victory again Luminosity at ECS

After the finals of the ESL season 3 only a month ago, G2 Esports went up against Luminosity Gaming. And thoroughly mashed them in the ECS (Esports Championship Series) finals.

After facing off against Fnatic in the semi-finals, G2 carried this form to their dominant victory in the finals. Fnatic seemed to be enjoying a return to good form after their Eleague performance last week and seemed favourites to reach the finals to take the spot opposite Luminosity. This was until G2 decided they didn’t like that idea, that is.

G2 flew out of the gates with unheard of force against the favourites to dominate with a 16-2 battering to kick-off the semis. Showing a complete and utter display of dominance, 3 of their players (shox, screaM and RpK) walked away with over 100 Average Damage per Round (ADR).

Fnatic fared mildly better on G2s home turf Dust. Holding out much better this time around, Fnatic managed to score something much more respectable this time and making G2 have to work for the round. It was all for naught though as G2 sealed off the semi finals with a 16-11 win.

This comfortable winning streak hadn’t been carried into the semis though as G2 looked a little shaky ealier on. After they lost an early series to Team liquid, they had to play 2 best-of-three matches to get themselves back in contention. Finally beating NP and returning the favour to Team Liquid, G2 managed to get themselves back into the series against Fnatic.

After proving themselves a force to be reckoned with, G2 went up against Luminosity, who had defeated them the last time at ESL.

The rematch was on!

However I’m sure nobody saw the pure dominance G2 displayed in the finals coming. Throughout the entire 2-game finals they dropped only 16 rounds, not once slowing down enough for Luminosity to catch a breath, let alone mount a defensive. G2 went on to dominate the game and come out on top with the (rather easy) victory, despite the setbacks early on in the tournament. The win sets them up perfectly for the ESL One in Cologne, which is barely 2 weeks away at this point. If the performance here is anything to go by then they are to be favourites to take it.