ArenaNet made history with the first ESL Pro competition for an MMO and the richest purse ever for Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet™, publisher and developer of the acclaimed Guild Wars franchise, hosted the inaugural Guild Wars 2 Pro League Finals at the weekend, the first-ever ESL Pro competition for an MMO. Four teams of finalists from North America and Europe faced off in a clash for cash and notoriety, and to make history in the process by taking MMO competitions to the next level. Teams vied for their share of the $100,000 purse, one of the richest offered for an ESL Pro tournament and the largest cash prize ever for Guild Wars 2. The event could chart a new course for elite level MMO competition, giving world-class MMO players their eSports platform and the opportunity for big earnings in a field currently dominated by MOBA and FPS games.

The Guild Wars 2® Pro League Finals took place on Saturday, 20th February, at ESL’s brand new studio in Leicester, UK. You can catch up with the streams on 3Sprt to see the winners and the losers of the absorbing battles.

The official Guild Wars 2 Pro League website ( has also just launched; it’s where fans can learn everything they need to know about tournament play and follow their favourite elite players and teams. The finalists competing for the title of Season Champion on Saturday include Rank Fifty Five Dragons and Vermillion from Europe, and Team PZ and the Abjured from North America. Rank Fifty Five Dragons and Vermillion fought off Pro League favorites Team Orange Logo and The Civilized Gentlemen in Europe, while Team PZ narrowly secured a second-place spot behind the undefeated team The Abjured in North America. With a new meta, new builds, new team compositions, and new tournament rules in effect, the stage is set for nail-biting matches.

ArenaNet has set the stage for current and future elite players to move up the ranks with the launch of the in-game PvP Leagues system late last year.  PvP Leagues offers aspiring competitive players a system designed to encourage players to develop the right skillsets for high level competition.  The next PvP league season for all Guild Wars 2 players begins on Tuesday, 23rd February, which we will be covering on 3Sprt; the highest ranked teams will be invited to a challenger cup to fight for a chance to claim their portion of a $200,000 USD prize pool in the ESL Guild Wars 2 Pro League next season.