Introducing 3Sprt, the new eSports site with the latest news, views, and eSport streams

eSports. Some people might think that it’s a little esoteric and quite dull. For others, and a massively growing fanbase, it’s a thrillingly brilliant spectacle. It has legions of fans that rival any of the tradition sports, reciting the names and long, rivalrous histories of its many teams and players who are sports stars in their own right. And major tournaments gather the faithful in one place for truly boisterous showdowns.

Professional competitive video gaming has never been more popular, and 3Sprt, a new website, has been set up to bring the latest news, views, interviews, features and streams from the world of eSports straight to you. From Major League Gaming to the ESL Gaming Network featuring the Intel Extreme Masters, amongst other tournaments, 3Sprt has the word on the virtual street to bring to you.

As a part of the FremenMedia publishing group, which also includes IND13, the indie gaming site, and Sirus Gaming, which brings you the latest news and reviews for mainstream games, 3Sprt is in a unique position in that it has support and contacts from all areas of the gaming industry.

3Sprt_Main-Picture_eSportsLee Smith, the Creative Director and Co-Founder of FremenMedia, said, “as big as eSports are, and they big with some tournaments being held in arenas with 40,000 attendees and Imagine Dragons even playing at one tournament, I think they are going to get even bigger. Football has turned off many of its tradition fans, mainstream sports have peaked, but eSports are exciting, fresh, new and so much fun. And 3Sprt is the new site that is going to at the forefront of this new sporting revolution”.

So if you are new to eSports start tuning in, watching the streams, and getting to know the teams. If you are already experienced in the world of eSports, then we at 3Sprt are aiming to be the goto site for you.