Valve CEO Gabe Newell submitted a post on Reddit calling James Harding an ass and sacking the production team

As you may know there was confusion after the immediate removal of James “2GD” Harding as the host of the Shanghai Major. Valve CEO Gabe Newell made a post on Reddit shortly offered a short summary of the decision, but the problem was that it was not an in-depth statement, but rather an extremely curt response to the situation. One in which he called James “an ass”, and of course the fun then started.


Gabe’s opinion of James was not the only announcement he made, as he also went on to tell Reddit that the entire production crew had been fired after continuous problems with the production, which apparently was unprofessional and poor for a $3 million tournament. Harding delayed his response and slept on it overnight, before releasing a mammoth and detailed 16 page statement of his past experiences with Valve, and the experience at the Shanghai Major.

James highlights the moment he got fired in more detail than Gabe has gone into:

“So, The segment finishes. I go to production room to ask Bonni the producer when she thinks we will start again. She doesn’t know but tells me she will come get us from the dining room when she knows. Then rushing around the corner comes Bruno.

Bruno: James… You’re fired

James: What?

I peer at his phone he is holding, He has an email open, I can quickly read The mail is from Gabe Newell, That much I saw. I cannot read it, but it appears to be about 3-4 sentences. I looked at his phone because for a brief moment he was just staring at it in disbelief. So… I joined in.

I ask why?

Bruno: Bottom Bitch Joke, Disrespectful towards players…”

Being notified by your best friend that you have been fired must be a very weird experience, and Harding even says in his statement that:

“If I’m wrong Gabe, and you just fired me because iIm not your cup of tea as a host. That sucks, you f@#$% up.”

I have a feeling that this story isn’t over yet, but have a read of the full 16 page statement. It is long, but very enlightening.