There are reports that Manchester United currently in a bidding war with esports organisation, Fnatic, to acquire a European Overwatch team.

There have been a few reports that Reports have claimed that Fnatic have countered an offer made by Man United, only for the club to then make a counter offer of its own, which is a clear sign of intent.

The club, now managed by Jose Mourinho, will not be the first professional sports club to enter eSports, but it will most definitely be the biggest team to get involved. Clubs such as Valencia, and West Ham have all got involved in eSports recently. Besiktas was the first pro sports club to do so back in 2015 (such a long time ago).

West Ham have signed Sean ‘Dragonn’ Allen as an official FIFA representative of the London side, while David ‘DaveBTW’ Bytheway signed for VFL Wolfsburg this year too.

FIFA offers a more accessible route into esports for many traditional sports fans, and especially the millions of football fans worldwide. This point was discussed at the E3 convention (June 12-16) by EA’s Peter Moore, the head of the company’s relatively new esports division.

Moore laid out a detailed strategy based around getting players of all abilities involved in competitive gaming, and also stated that the company will be investing heavily in events and tournaments to to achieve this.

If Manchester United should succeed in acquiring an Overwatch team, it will act as the beginning of a long term plan to run teams across various eSports to enhance engagement with the younger fans.

With the money that Man United have, they can really make massive inroads into the eSports market.