Capcom cracks down on gambling and "thuggery"

Capcom have already caused a mild storm within the last week due to their rule changes that effectively forced Team YP out of the CPT (Capcom Pro Tour). They have now also been coming down hard on several different behaviours relating to the way people conduct themselves in the CPT.

Under new rules certain activities such as side-betting have now been banned. Side-betting comes under the new rules as gambling, which is facing a heavy crackdown. Under the rulings there is a lot of inappropriate activity that will affect local and grassroots tournaments and their participants. Many big name brands will be forced to conform to these rules or risk no longer being able to participate or hold tournaments. This also comes alongside the ESL, which has enforced similar rule changes of recent times as well.

Capcom have outlined very specific behaviours that can lead to indefinite bans and disqualification. These include collusion, swearing as well as harassment. Also outlined in the rule are other forms of “thuggery”. Just note that this is an actual word which is stated in the professional Capcom eSports tournament rules.

Some well known names in the industry see the new changes as no surprise. Anthony “Koop” Carr believes that all the now-banned behaviour was picked up on by a higher-level executive, who has made moves to implement the new rules. This includes the well-known “who you got?” expression seen commonly during tournaments.

“Once they see it begins your ‘weak points of change.” He also added that it may be the start of a movement to change the tournaments in the long term too. “Don’t be shocked if they force how a tourney looks as is presented later as well” he said on Facebook.

It remains to be seen if these new rules are going to affect many more teams in the CPT, as Capcom is determined to cement itself among the premier eSports organisations worldwide.