Curse Inc., the developer of the popular Curse Client, has launched the feature packed redesign of its popular communications platform, Curse Voice, now known simply as “Curse.”

The new app will serve as a comprehensive communication solution crafted specifically around the needs of online gamers, streamers and pro eSports teams.

Curse is the quintessential replacement for Skype, TeamSpeak and IRC, providing users an all-in-one app that offers unique features available with the new platform. Driven by fast server-based Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology, Curse equips everyday players, professional gamers and streamers with a high-quality, easy-to-use communication platform. Coupled with a fully-featured web client, Curse is accessible anywhere, at any time, so you never leave your team behind. It also takes extra steps to protect its users against cyber-attacks by not exposing their Internet protocol address.

Key features for the new Curse include a deep, comprehensive server system that enables communities for content creators, guilds, clans and more, to create havens for like-minded gamers to communicate together. Curse also offers overlay support for popular games, such as League of Legends, CS:GO and Smite. A new Discover tool, that will allow members to quickly find a multitude of communities to join, such as a server for a newly released game or a server chatting about a favorite eSports team or Twitch streamer.

The new app will allow content creators to instantly sync their Twitch and YouTube (coming soon) channels with Curse, allowing them to take advantage of the built-in giveaway system and polling features, in addition to a robust “celebrity” privacy mode.

Other key features include:

  • Voice: Members can communicate at the highest levels with low bandwidth, high quality VOIP. Featuring noise suppression, echo cancellation and a safe, secure app that keeps their IPs private. It’s 100% free with servers located all over the globe for the best possible latency
  • Chat: Members can express themselves with rich-text emoticons, YouTube embedding and image sharing. Search past conversations with synchronized message tracking across all platforms. Quickly access Streamer Sub emotes, group chat, large community chat, and private messaging
  • Friends: Gamers can keep up with friends with an intelligent Friends List and Friend Sync, as Curse automatically detects identities from Steam,, Skype, Smite and League of Legends accounts, allowing players to quickly add their current friends into Curse
  • Streamer Tools: DDoS protection, built-in giveaway systems, polling, YouTube and Twitch sync, even “Celebrity” mode privacy
  • Community Engagement: With support for massive, multi-channel communities, server owners can actively engage with audiences of any size and easily create community events like polls and giveaways
  • User Profiles: Members can assert individuality with unique user profiles that reflect their current gaming roster, their avatar, their network and their tastes
  • Overlay: Customizable, optional and works with hundreds of games. Gamers can easily mute people in-game, accept and deny calls, all without lowering the framerate

Curse is available for free on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Web, with no subscription fees or disruptive ads. For more information, visit or follow Curse on Facebook and Twitter.