Valve offer weekly tournaments for regular players of DOTA 2

Valve have added an extra competitive depth to the ever popular DOTA 2, in the form of weekly tournaments available to anyone.

This means that every Saturday at 7pm all players finally have the chance to test their mettle and skills against other players in a proper tournament format. These tournaments will take place during the Summer Battle Cup season, running through until the end of August.

The format will be a simple eight team single elimination bracket. All teams will have 5 players and take part in up to 3 games so one wrong move and it’s all over.

Now then in order to enter the tournaments themselves the players will require a ticket. These can be purchased from the DOTA store for $0.99. Players who happen to own a battle pass receive a free ticket with 5 additional ones unlocking at level 137. If you are part of the winning team then you will be gifted with 15 battle pass levels as well as a trophy to display on your profile. Your champion will also receive prestige effects that will last 1 week until the next tournament.

To be eligible to take part you must have a full 5 stack team when you start the process of searching for a tournament game. Your teams highest tournament tier will be used to determine your opponents and the tiers will be initially chosen by your MMR. Your performance over time will affect the rise and fall of your tournament tier.

This implementation of easy to access tournaments for regular players is a great asset to introduce people to the world of DOTA 2 competitive gaming in an easy and relaxed way. The success of the tournaments will more than likely determine if they appear as a regular feature or a seasonal item.