Esports Team Echo Fox sign Mew2King, one of the 5 Gods of Smash, to their fighting games roster.

Mew2king, a Smash player widely regarded as one of the best Smash players ever, has signed for Echo Fox. Mew2king (real name Jason Zimmerman) is the 2nd fighting game star to sign for Echo, the first being Street Fighter player Julio.

While he will be playing for Echo Fox, his strong relationships and personal stake in his previous team/sponsors MVG, means he will still be working closely with them in the future.


Who is Mew2King?

Mew2King is a man considered to be one of the 5 gods of smash and is well known for his skill with technical combos and the ability to execute them when needed in game. For a short while he was accepted to be the single best Smash player in the world for Super Smash Bros Brawl and has enjoyed repeated success across the different Smash iterations. He has also taken home more prize money over the years than all over Smash players.

Over the years he has played a varied range of characters giving him a large pool to select from in his match-ups. He had what was considered to be the best Sheik while playing Melee, as well as a very powerful Fox and Marth. During Brawl he consistently played Meta Knight and during this time was considered to be the best Brawl player currently playing.

Unfortunately he has been unable to take a top podium finish in the last year, but has consistently performed well enough to enter the top 8 in all competitions he has taken part in. Smash players will be looking forward to seeing what Echo Fox has to offer to Mew2King’s already illustrious career.

Echo Fox’s Press release can be found here at their website.