Gamer Network announces EGX Rezzed as London’s premier games event with more than 15,000 attendees who gathered at Tobacco Dock.


Gamer Network is pleased to announce that EGX Rezzed has maintained its position as London’s premier games event with another sold out gala of gaming at Tobacco Dock. More than 15,000 flocked to East London over three days from April 7th to the 9th to enjoy the biggest collection of games in the capital.

Part of the London Games Festival, EGX Rezzed had more than 175 playable and pre-release games, with AAA Blockbusters such as Dark Souls III, Just Cause 3: Sky Fortress, and Total War: Warhammer alongside popular indie offerings such as Shadowhand, The Assembly, The Banner Saga 2, Overcooked and Giant Cop.

EGX Rezzed was also the place to try cutting edge VR tech. In addition to the HTC Vive, a number of games were playable on the Oculus Rift including the public debut of Gang Beasts VR.

PlayStation VR also brought along its Playroom VR suite of experiences to try, along with RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, Battlezone and Superhypercube.

The Developer Sessions brought gamers face-to-face with world renowned game creators as they presented their latest projects, took part in panel discussions and answered questions from fans. Sessions included talks from the creators of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: Inspirations, Dying Light, and Total War: Warhammer. All the sessions were streamed on the EGX YouTube Channel

CEO of Gamer Network, Rupert Loman said “It’s fantastic to have another successful EGX Rezzed under our belt. The event goes from strength to strength and continues to grow in both attendee’s numbers and exhibitors, whilst maintaining its rare and unique atmosphere.  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from all the people that make this show so special, developers, publishers, investors and most importantly the gamers.”

Dates for EGX Rezzed 2017 will be announced soon and tickets for EGX at the NEC Sept 22nd – 25th are now available to buy on the website


Exhibitor feedback from EGX Rezzed
“EGX Rezzed is an incredibly valuable event for Sega to build lasting community awareness for all of our titles. The show plays such a crucial part in the build up to release day bringing the community closer to the fantastic game created by CA.” John Clark, SVP Commercial Publishing, SEGA Europe.

“Rezzed brings together an exciting range of innovative games and developers making it the perfect place for us to host the largest PlayStation VR event we’ve done so far in the UK.” Tom Whitaker, Senior Product Manager, SCE UK

“I’ve just spent two hours walking around here [EGX Rezzed] and I’m seeing guys making games that are absolutely keeping the spirit of Bullfrog alive”. Lionhead/Bullfrog alumni, Ben Board

“EGX Rezzed has some wonderful visitors and it’s a great way to get our games in front of the public.” Ysbryd – Cassandra Khaw

“I find it really reassuring about the future of the industry to see the upcoming talent and it is heart-warming to see such passionate people all in one space.” Gareth Hammer

“It’s great to see people playing our game, we’ve received very positive feedback and have enjoyed being around other devs in a supportive environment.”Gyrodisc – Jo Bain

“Getting good feedback and seeing various skill levels has allowed us to improve gameplay and see what the public like/dislike. EGX Rezzed has helped us to get in front of various media publishers and allowed us to establish further correspondence beyond EGX Rezzed.”Featherpunk Prime – Stephen Payne.

“EGX Rezzed allows us to reach the gamers directly. As we work closely with students this event allows us to bridge the gap between education and industry and gives people to gain invaluable experience.” Alastair Callum – The Breakfast Club

“The audience we have reached has gone beyond any of our expectations and we have received such positive feedback. Thanks to all the information we have received from the gaming community, EGX Rezzed has helped us shape the future of our game. In terms of interviews, we have had some top tier media come down to visit us which was amazing.” Sumo Digital James Megretton

EGX Rezzed is one of the main UK events to put you in direct contact with core gamers, allowing for passionate feedback about your game.” Laurie Clifford-Frith – Perpetual Night

“It’s been amazing to perform playtesting through public playthroughs and see what works, needs tweaking and what people find fun. After working on something for so long it is nice to come to EGX Rezzed and feed off the positivity of the gamers. By being around other developers we have also managed to gain some useful advice that has contributed towards improving our game.” Mike Robinson – Pool Panic

“For EarlyNinja it’s been essential for us to come to EGX to promote our early access marketplace and meet other developers. The public have responded well to us and the event has increased opportunities for developers and gamers to sign up. By purchasing advertisement of our trailer between developer sessions, we have furthered our media reach overall.”   Edoardo Cassina – EarlyNinja

“EGX Rezzed has been an amazing experience. My favourite part of the event has been watching young gamers trying virtual reality for the first time – a technology that is otherwise difficult for them to access.” Lin Bang – Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game