the first ever Esports Betting Summit answers and asks questions about gambling in esports.

Esports as a whole grows by the day. The sports gets bigger, competitions grow and prize money increases by the day. The growing level of competitiveness in Exports has not gone unnoticed. To this end The eSports Betting Summit took place in May to outline projections about betting in esports for the future, as well as to talk about esports betting as a whole to the audience od businesses within the betting industry.


So how does the eSports betting business stack up then?

Betting has been going on for a while in eSports now. It seems wherever competition is taking place people see the chance to make money or items off of it. Skin betting has taken many by some surprise due to the sheer scale of just how many users there are. Skin betting for those who don’t know is the practice of betting character skins on games and casino like betting systems. Think roulette/bingo for your latest Miss Fortune skin in LOL. You’re on the right track. As well the scale of bets, those attending the event were even more shocked by the fact that ANYONE can skin bet. Not just over 18’s.

Esports brings in some of the most watched events on the planet due to how accessible it is for everyone. Many sports game require cable access, licences and sometimes quite a bit of money to watch. The finals of ESL requires the internet. And the minimum of a smartphone. To put this into perspective NBA game 6 finals had 23 million viewers. The League of Legends Championships finals by comparison, had 36 million viewers. Quite a number. So how does this affect the betting? Well many believe that the growth of esports lay in the pre-game betting. However Ben Conroy (Sky Bet) revealed to those at the Betting Summit that in-game betting had proven a huge growth of recent times and may well be where the future of esports betting lies. With games changing by the instant in esports, it’s easy to see why in game betting could be so popular.


Honesty, integrity and good conduct

The problem with betting is that it does have its bad apples across the industry. This is why during the conference it was stated by some there, that standardised practices and rules have to be set out across the board. These rules and a code of conduct across the industry would help improve and secure betting across esports as a whole, from fans and businesses alike. It would go a long way to help legitimising esports in the main stream as well as helping to proving its credibility

As the sport continues to grow and the money that is gambled alongside it does as well, then the matter of integrity must be brought into question. With match fixing and unethical plays being investigated as more high profile matches are played then  keeping the integrity of the sport is vital. Of course these practices do happen across all sports, from cricket to football, but ensuring that they are dealt with swiftly and fairly in a relatively new gaming industry is vital to ensuring its longevity.



Overall esports will continue to grow exponentially and the betting industry will grow along with it. It is now up to the betting companies themselves to bring esports betting to the forefront of the gambling industry, but it will be interesting to see how the new rules and conduct that may be brought into play will affect the gambling. With video games becoming more mainstream and with TV, movie and sports start crossing into them, it will not be long before competitive gaming becomes more wide spread to the general public as well. To this end the gambling industry will have to keep its users at the front of its mind while expanding into the new territory and it may be sooner rather than later when we see events such as the ESL on the front pages of major gambling websites.