After much speculation, FaZe Clan announce that they are leaving WESA

FaZe Clan have today officially announced, after much speculation, that they are leaving the newly formed WESA. As we announced last week, speculation was rife that due to exclusivity conflicts with WESA, FaZe Clan were set to leave.

In an official statement on their Facebook page FaZe states that they believe WESA to be “a pro-active initiative with a big vision”. This does bode well for WESA as it does show that large organisations are taking note of the ambition and long term goals WESA has for the eSports scene.

However they do go on to say; “We feel that WESA still has lots of challenges to overcome and we feel that right now it’s not the best place for us to be”, so it seems that while FaZe recognise the good WESa can do, it seems that they believe they will take some time getting there.

A major factor in that was reported in FaZe leaving WESA was that they would face a severe financial repercussion for doing so. A fine of $50000 was reported to be how much FaZe would be out of pocket for leaving the organisation. In the statement released on their Facebook they squash this rumour by stating; “What is not true is that a team that wants to leave will have to pay a penalty. WESA would never penalize organizations for having a difference of opinion and they respect our decision”.

It is thankfully well worth noting that the partnership ends on good terms for both FaZe and WESA as well as FaZe and ESL. ESL have stated to FaZe that even though they leave WESA they are still invited and welcome to future ESL tournaments, which is good news for everyone.

With such a large name leaving the company it will be interesting to see how this affects WESA and the still remaining teams, as well as seeing if there is likely to be a replacement team. No matter what happens it will be exciting to see what happens with WESA as well as seeing FaZe continue to bigger and better things with their FaZe 2.0.

The full statement for WESA can also be read here.