Reports state FaZe clan are set to leave WESA after only one week.

After only a week since its creation big name team FaZe are set to leave the WESA, as reported by IGNs Kevin Knocke. Sources close to the team say they are set to leave due to pressure of exclusivity with WESA that the ESL is placing on them.

WESA was created as a partnership between the ESL and major CS:GO teams and reports state that the ESL have been pressuring teams into signing exclusively with WESA. Sources close to the team have reportedly told Kevin that the team want to maintain working relationships with sponsors and talent agencies they already work with and have therefore made the decision to leave WESA.

If they do leave, it is reported that they will be out of pocket by around $50,000 in costs. It is expected that they will make an official announcement next week. This all comes as a bit of a blow to the young and new WESA, which was set up to create standardised rules and regulations across esports and create unity amongst teams and tournaments. If these reports are true, it remains to be seen how this will affect it.