After only 1 week there, LOL player FORG1VEN leaves new team Origen

FORG1VEN (real name Konstantinos Tzortziou), one of the most talked about players in the LCS has returned to his former team H2k-Gaming. Only 2 months after leaving them in May.

It has been a small roller coaster ride for FORG1VEN this summer after he initially said that he would be sitting the season out. After announcing this he then promptly went on to join team Origen, whom he left after only 1 week there. Origen claimed that the reason he left was due to “motivation issues”, however FORG1VEN stated it was a “breach of trust”. Not a good start to a summer he is sitting out. Speaking of sitting out he was looking likely to lose the rest of his summer due to compulsory military service that he would have to serve. He did secure a deferral however, freeing up his time for now.

FORG1VEN is set to be playing a substitute role for his fellow teammate Freeze (Ales Knezinek). Freeze has been reported as playing games on painkillers due to an ongoing wrist problem that has been causing him issues throughout matches.

Moves like this seem to be common throughout FORG1VEN’s career as he has proven to be controversial and seemingly rather difficult in the past. He has been fined by Riot over “toxic behaviour” in public, as well as being benched by teams due to internal and attitude issues. His toxic behaviour also caused issues for his then team Gambit Gaming, who were unable to secure a visa for FORG1VEN’s replacement in time while he served a ban. They went on to lose games that he should have been taking part in.

He is widely considered one of the best ADC players in the world and one of the most mechanical as well. So one can imagine how good he could be if there was no drama present at any point in his career.

H2k-Gaming have said in a statement on the subject :

“Breakups are never fun. Emotions sometimes get the better of us and we say things we don’t mean. Today, the only thing that matters is that FORG1VEN is home”