Turn 10, the developer of Forza, has announced The Forza Racing Championship, an esports competition for Forza Motorsport players.

“The Forza Racing Championship welcomes players of all levels to hone skills as they compete for glory and real-world prizes” Turn 10 have announced. “Competitions will be open and competitive for all, from brand new players taking their first laps, to the fastest virtual drivers in the world.”

“Forza Racing Championship will be home to the best and most inclusive racing competition in gaming – where everyone has a chance to win, no matter how many miles they have behind the wheel.”

The Racing Championship will start later this year and, according to the company, will “take advantage of Forza’s renowned authenticity and the massive amount of content available in the game, including more than 600 fully detailed Forzavista cars and an unmatched lineup of racing tracks from all over the world.”

The company have said that gamers should stay tuned for more updates, so at a later stage it will announce the exact prizes that virtual drivers can look forward to.

To celebrate the upcoming Forza Racing Championship, from today Microsoft is handing out free DLC codes for the 2016 #66 Ford GT Le Mans race car in Forza Motorsport 6 through Xbox Live messages.