International eGames Committee announce inaugural eGames in Rio

The IEGC (International eGames Committee) have announced the first ever eGames event in Rio, Brazil. it will be hosted as a 2-day pop-up event at the British House in Parque Lage, Rio. It will start on Monday the 15th August and run through Tuesday 16th August.

In true Olympic style the competition will be a pride-only no-prize event. This means that no cash prizes are to be won, only medals in the traditional style of Gold, Silver and Bronze. Teams from countries all across the globe have been invited to attend and take part, all while the event is broadcast to fans around the world.

The showcase event will be broadcast to eSports fans globally as well as mainstream audiences. Countries from all over the globe have now been invited to battle it out in the competition that will see Pro Gamers competing for medals and national pride. At the time of writing of this article, it was not specifically stated how or where the games would be broadcast.

Speaking on the event Conrad Bird (director of the GREAT Britiain campaign) had this to say:

“British House is the UK’s home away from home at Rio 2016, and we are delighted to be hosting the inaugural eGames as one of our exciting events”

The Culture Minister Ed Vaizey also added:

“The UK’s video game industry is world class, a result of the incredible pool of talent and innovation that exists within the sector. I’m delighted that the eGames event will be held at British House at a time when the world’s eyes will be turning to Rio, and wish all the competitors the best of luck.”

“We are honoured to have been invited by the UK Government to be in the British House to show the eGames to the world. The venue is truly special and completely unique, the same qualities of which will be emulated in the eGames.” said Wim Stocks, the Chief Operating Officer of the International eGames Group.

The competition is clearly already attracting attention from officials across the UK, but it does remain to be seen how the general public will take to the eGames events. We here at 3SPRT are very excited to see the eGames in action and to see the global impact on the esports scene in general.

To learn more about the IEGC and their goals and members, please see our previous article here.