After the announcement of the International EGames Committee (IEGC) in April at the London Games Festival, the IEGC has released to the press the primary wave of it’s Advisory Board members.

The board members have been appointed to help create a governing body over the Egames for the future. They are here to ensure an Olympic like quality to the Egames, ensuring fairness and an equal competitive spirit for all involved. They will help govern over the “pop-up style” 2 day event in Rio later this year in August with a minimum of 4 teams taking part in the action. The initial 4 teams, Great Britain, The USA, Canada and Brazil will be the 4 teams competing to make up the minimum requirements.

As of now there are 5 members of the advisory Board, who will be joining immediately:

Dr Jo Twist: CEO Ukie.

Daniel Cossi: President of Brazilian National eSports Confederation.

Andy Payne OBE: Chair of the European Gaming League.

Andrew Smith: Pinewood Corporate Affairs Director Pinewood Group.

Veronique Lallier: Vice President of European Publishing at Hi–Rez Studio.

Jude Ower MBE: Founder and CEO Playmo.

The IEGC is a not for profit Organisation and will have the backing and support of the British government. The creation of this committee and Egames event will help take esports to a whole new level of global competition due to its no cash, medal only prizes, just like the Olympic games it is striving to emulate. This is an exciting time for sure for the future of esports.

The full press release from the IEGC can be found at their website here.