Apex jungler Eve has been banned for 10 months for scripting in games

The jungler for team Apex, Eve, was served the ban earlier this year for scripting. While using a practice account provided by Riot it was brought to their attention that Seo “Eve” Jun-cheol was scripting in public and ranked games.

Scripting in a broad term, pertains to modifying certain process and in game mechanics using programs and other methods. This could be to automate or speed up certain in game processes possibly in order to gain an unfair advantage over the other team. Due to the problems this has been causing for both players and Riot over the last year or so, Riot have been coming down hard on anyone who is proven guilty of the offence.

The ban became effective in May as Riot became aware of the situation and informed Apex. However an administrative error did delay the public announcement. The ban is to be served for 10 months, so will go well into next year, however due to his cooperation with Riot, Eve has only received the lower end of the possible ban time of up to 20 months.

This has caused a mild headache for Apex as Eve’s ban ruined Apex plans for fielding a 10 man roster. This was quickly remedied though as they signed a jungler from Europe called DiamondProx (Danil Reshetnikov) to make up the numbers.