Warner Bros. and NetherRealm add to prize pool with $50,000 bonus

Barely a month after the $200,000 prize money was won at the ESL Pro League finals Netherrealm, and Warner Bros. Games have put up another major pot for players to win at Evo 2016.

It was announced on Monday by Ed Boon, co-creator of Mortal Kombat, that the prize money would be up for grabs at the Evo 2016 Mortal Kombat XL tournament.

Last week we announced just how much champion player SonicFox had won from recent tournaments. Last year when the bonus prize money was put up by the 2 studios, he took home nearly $37,000 of the winnings. He will also most likely be the favourite to take home the bonus again which could be up to $30,000 if winners splits remain the same as last time. This year will mark the second year that the bonus has been put up by the NetherRealm and Warner Bros.

In each Evo tournament the split will go to the top 8 competitors. They each receive an amount of the base pool, which initially sets them back with a $10 entrance fee. The winner obviously gets the lions share at a possible 60% with second and third receiving 20% and 10% respectively. The remaining amount is split to the remaining 5 players. Pot bonuses are slightly different to the main pool and are awarded at slightly differing amounts. Although last year’s $50,000 bonus received the same split as the base pool. As oft time of writing the exact splits have not been announced.

With this bonus added on the total bonus prize money comes to a total of z $110,000. Other bonuses included to make up this amount include $50,000 from Capcom for Street Fighter V as well as $10,000 for the first ever Pokken Tournament Championship, provided by the Pokemon Company. Last year at Evo $200,000 in bonuses made up part of staggering $300,000 that was awarded to players in prize money. As other developers taking part have yet to announce any bonuses, this number may well increase this year.

Evo wlil be taking place next month on the 15th-17th of July.