While no-one knows yet what the World eSports Association would do, some major esports teams and brands are seemingly involved in it.

In a post on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sub-Reddit today, someone leaked the picture of a something called the World Esports Association, or WESA. After being accused of leaking a major announcement, then Redactor the deleted the image.

While that has obviously got out interest, we don’t actually know what the WESA is? There was no information provided by the mysterious and shadowy figure who leaked the image in the first place, although it does seem that this new eSports association will include some of the major names.

These would include the largest tournament organiser ESL, and some of the most popular teams such as Fnatic, Na’vi, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Mouseesports, G2, Virtus Pro and more

The most interesting factor in this, is that all of these organisations are based in Europe, but with the name being World Esports Association I cannot imagine it staying Euro-centric. What we do know is that all the teams listed have devoted Counter-Strike teams, though many also have League of Legends and Hearthstone teams too.

Of course, numerous follow-up discussions have spouted up on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sub-Reddit, as well as causing a bit of fuss over Twitter etc with the theory being that this is in an aim to create an organisation such as FIFA. This would mean that all teams involved will only play in tournaments that are run by organisations under the banner of the WESA.

This is provoking mostly negative reactions from the eSports community, who are seeing eSports possibly become more of an organisation and moving away from the gaming sport which they currently love.

We are waiting to hear back from ESL with more information about this, but unfortunately we have no idea if they will get back to us on this anytime soon. But we will update you as soon as we can.