Realm Adventure League brings management sim-style gameplay to the world of Esports

Developed by the studio Virtual Squared Leagues, Realm Adventure League uses the studio’s patented Virtual Fantasy League System to enable competition among Virtual Player Leagues in an AI Virtual World populated by life-like NPCs. Picture a competitive management game like Fantasy Football but with all of the Fantasy, Horror, or Sci-Fi genre tropes, background stories, and personality that you would expect to find in an MMORPG.

In Realm Adventure League, the competition is set between Guilds of the Order of Illumination and Clans of the Syndicate of Darkness for control of Veldorian, a once-peaceful Realm that is peaceful no more. Thanks but no thanks, mysterious Blood Crystals! Control of the Realm is determined by which faction lords over the Blood Crystals which are scattered across the map. As the war rages in faraway parts of the Realm, the player’s character — an ordinary countryman — wanders down to the Tavern, joins the fantasy genre’s equivalent of a Fantasy Football League and places bets on the fates of the warriors defending the Realm. It’s a clever twist on a old trope.

Players can think of Realm Adventure League as a sort of Blood Bowl by way of Football Manager. If that sounds awesome to you, be sure to sign up for Alpha 1.1 testing at the official website of V2Leagues. The cutoff date to register is May 30 at 5 pm EST. Alpha 1.1 testing starts June 1 and goes for two weeks.