David Bytheway was the first British pro-gamer to join a club, when he signed for German side Wolfsburg, but Sean Allen is the first to join a club in the English Premier League

Sean, 24, who goes by his gaming name Dragonn, will be the Hammers representatives at Fifa tournaments.

Dragonn said that ”this is the biggest thing ever to happen to me”, as he was given the squad number 50 and will wear a Hammers shirt at all events.

He is now on the same team as Dimitri Payet and Mark Noble, but of course won’t be on the same playing field as them. Instead, he will be wearing his claret and blue shirt at tournaments such as Gfinity’s “Play Like a Legend Grand Final” this weekend. He’ll be competing for a $15,000 prize pool alongside 15 other players, who represent teams such as Epsilon, Millennium and Team Vitality. Just like a regular football game, fans will be able to watch online or at Gfinity’s arena in Fulham Broadway, London.

It may seen a bit of a novelty, and a bit of a publicity stunt by the clubs in signing eSports players. But in reality, it shows how eSports is growing and other more traditional sports and teams want to be a part of it.

I imagine that more clubs will be following suit in the next year, and it will lead to these clubs taking FIFA seriously and eSports growing even more popular.