SonixFox nets $240000 worth of prize money in 12 months.

Champion fighting gamer Dominique “SonicFox” McLean turned up to the ESL this weekend to show us all what he does best;

Winning prize money like it’s simple child play.

SonicFox, of team Critical Reaction, swept aside everyone in front of him to take home $75000 in prize money and his 3rd ESL title. The prize money is also Mortal Kombats largest prize money ever.

Within a year he has netted a mind boggling $240000 worth of prize money from ESL, EVO 2015, Season 2 in January as well as the money he took home on Saturday. He has now won himself the four largest prize money purses in competitive Mortal Kombat history as well as 4 out of the 6 largest in fighting game history.

However had you been watching SonicFox in games leading up to the competition you’d have been forgiven for thinking he may not have won much at all. His run up, while he did win for the first 3 weeks of competition, was not the most stellar of performances. In the final 5 weeks he failed to reach even the semis and even lost out on the top NA seed spot, losing out to Scar (Brad Vaughn). At Combo breaker he also failed to reach even the top 3, finishing 4th overall.

All that would have been worrying for nought as he finished the competition with ease even going as far as saying “I actually had it in the bag the entire time”. He admitted to major threats such as Scar and Dragon, but claims the second seeding placed him in a much more favourable bracket. With decisive victories all through the tournament on the day and a victory over fellow Critical Reaction teammate Dragon, SonicFox’s winnings are only going to increase from here on out.