As every other football team signs a FIFA pro, Sporting Lisbon jump on the bandwagon.

Sporting clubs taking on Esports pro’s is here to stay now, with Sporting Lisbon signing professional FIFA (no surprise at game choice) player Quinzas, real name Francisco Cruz.

What this means for the club is that Cruz will represent them at FIFA esports events as one of the best FIFA players in the world. In addition to this Sporting Lisbon will also run their own events such as the Lion Games, an event which will see FIFA players converge on Sporting Lisbon for a spot on their esports team.

Speaking of their team Sporting Lisbon have really landed on their feet with Quinzas, he has been in the FIFA scene for the last 7 years and at 21 years of age is one of the best FIFA players world wide, as well as the youngest FIFA world champion ever after he won in 2011.

This isn’t the first gaming or esports related portfolio item that Sporting Lisbon have. They currently have a number of partners including Ozone Gaming, G2A and Gamer Shop. It will be great to see just who else they add to their roster after the Lion Games.

Sporting teams seem intent on conquering not just the actual playing fields but the digital ones as well. If you want to see more of the football teams taking Esports by storm then check out our other articles including Valencia and Manchester UTD. With so many major teams getting involved in professional esports we can’t wait to see how many more follow suit, as well as which ones.