Team Impulse, a competitive LOL team in the LCS, have received a ban from the tournament as well as a substantial fine due to repeated violation of the LCS rules. These rules are pertaining to player contracts and the fact that management have repeatedly failed to pay players on time. Due to this, the LCS management has determined that the team is not fit to take part in the League.

To bring this down into some context there are a couple of major rule breaks that are focused on in the ruling:

No contracts: During a routine audit across the LCS teams, it was discovered that no active players on Team Impulse had signed any kind of contract. This is a direct violation of the rule that requires all active players to have a signed contract from their team, in order to take part in the tournament. This is also compounded by the fact that earlier in the year, Team Impulse management had submitted paperwork claiming all players had active contracts. Obviously this has been determined to be a lie during the audit. After this Impulse submitted signed contracts. But not for all active players, as per the rules.

Lack of payment: Over the months of 2015-2016 including the Summer Split of 2015, it was found that many players had not received the Mandatory Player Compensation (MCP) for many months. The LCS stepped in to ensure all monies owed were paid to players immediately. However during the above audit it was found that yet more players had not or were still waiting to receive their MCP. Many players also spoke up about this, but unfortunately due to no contracts it has proven very difficult to prove this. On the Official LCS website it is believed that money is still owed to many players.

As of now Team Impulse owners have until the 18th of May to sell the slot and ownership rights to another buyer to prevent disruption to the players who have rightfully fought for their right to play.

To read the full news release as well as a Q & A please check out the LCS website here