The World eSports Association (WESA) has been announced in London as a global governing body for eSports, run by the world’s largest eSports company, ESL

Just a few days ago, I posted that a new World eSport Association had been leaked on Reddit, and it has now been made official. Founded by ESL, with the support of eight major teams, WESA hopes to be the FIFA of the eSports world. I imagine it will be without a Sepp Blatter like figure and all of the alleged bribery and corruption.

“WESA is an open and inclusive organisation that will further professionalise esports by introducing elements of player representation, standardised regulations, and revenue shares for teams,” ESL’s official website reads.

“WESA will seek to create predictable schedules for fans, players, organisers and broadcasters, and for the first time bring all stakeholders to the discussion table.”

How much authority WESA will actually have to govern eSports, we don’t know, but it is aiming to garner some considerable support. Although WESA’s announcement does not actually mention any major publisher such as Riot, Blizzard, and Valve which all run major eSports tournaments, Sky News is reporting that talks are ongoing.

WESA’s four-person executive board include the CEO and vice president of ESL as well as the owner and CEO of the Ninjas in Pyjamas and Fnatic eSports teams. The organisation will also include a player-elected council to advocate for pro gamers with members of the first council being announced soon.

eSports, while massively popular, and increasingly so, has so far been see as quite chaotic with no overarching governing body for competitive gaming. ESL is hoping to change with their WESA organisation, with the ESL Pro League for CS:GO becoming the first professional esports competition to adopt the new WESA regulations.

Yesterday Activision, which owns Major League Gaming, announced the Event Viewing Experience (EVE), and a partnership to stream live eSports events through Facebook. It seems like these are exciting times for eSports, with its rapid growth unlikely to slow down at any point soon.